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For over twenty eight years, Compusult has provided our clients with innovative solutions, interoperable technology, and superior service and support. This depth of experience has made Compusult the natural choice for data management and geospatial solutions and software, for governments, industry and military and intelligence.

Web Enterprise SuiteIntroducing Web Enterprise Suite XI, a suite of applications based on open standards, that work together to provide one of the most comprehensive, data discovery, access, retrieval and delivery systems available.

Web Enterprise Suite XI components have been based on Open Geospatial Consortium/ISO interoperability specifications, allowing seamless connections to the ever-expanding world of web services. Whether it is first responders feeding data and information back to central decision makers or analysts and planners searching many disparate data sources for vital information, Web Enterprise Suite provides all the tools necessary to create a common operational picture and the framework for quick, accurate and informed decision-making.

Web Enterprise Suite XI is comprised of over a dozen components, many of which are stand alone applications, which have been specifically designed to be integrated with each other and third party applications. Due to this advanced, component-based architecture, implementation and deployment of a complete data discovery portal (including e-commerce capability) is now fast and very cost effective compared to the costly systems of the past.

These components include a variety of unique, interoperable software packages and tool kits providing:

  • data warehouse management
  • internet mapping
  • metadata management
  • portal development
  • gateway creation
  • comprehensive OGC connectivity
  • and much more.


Web Enterprise Suite XI is an integrated suite of standards-based applications that enable the expedient and efficient construction of spatial Web-based portals that provide data cataloguing, discovery, access, retrieval, delivery, Web mapping, e-commerce and metadata management services.

Web Enterprise Suite XI has proven time and again to be the most advanced and proven data discovery, access, delivery and publishing solutions available. Current success stories range from NGA (previously known as NIMA) to the USGS. If disparate data sources need to be transparently integrated into a coherent data publishing and retrieval portal, without having to reformat that data; then look no further than Web Enterprise Suite.

A Complete End-to-End Data Discovery, Access and Delivery Solution

Web Enterprise Suite XI integrates data warehouse management, distributed searching, data delivery, geospatial queries and e-commerce services into a single suite, providing the most comprehensive data product delivery system available. All components are designed to work together, providing a much simpler implementation for complex requirements.

The technologies associated with the Web Enterprise Suite XI were developed and implemented to address the requirements associated with providing enterprise-wide interactive WWW-based applications for users of relational and geospatial-related data. The architecture is open and flexible and provides organizations with the ability to rapidly implement and deploy custom applications derived from relational database and GIS content.

The Web Enterprise Suite XI contains Internet-based applications and toolkits that support web mapping, information cataloging, discovery, access, retrieval and delivery services. These applications provide the ability to integrate into existing legacy catalog and enterprise management (including e-commerce) facilities.

External users access the system via a WWW interface. All users are able to browse the catalog to identify information, applications, products and services they wish to view/order/access via a number of methods using industry-based standards and applications.

OGC Strategic Member Web Enterprise Suite XI is also a contributor to the Open Geospatial Consortium Catalogue Services Interoperability initiative.

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