The Talking Display Reader

DigiCite DigiCite is an electronic device that converts LED displays to speech output. It is a compact machine-vision system that continuously monitors and captures images of digital displays, such as alphanumeric LEDs. Whenever the display changes, DigiCite converts the display image to text and provides notification using recorded speech or other, optional outputs.

DigiCite works with telephone consoles, measurement, recording and test equipment, and many other electronic devices.

DigiCite can be used with several existing appliances in the workplace and home, as opposed to a number of specialized or retrofitted units for each application. Since digitized speech, rather than voice synthesis, is used to read out numeric display values, DigiCite can accomodate any language, and even several languages, within a single unit.


  • Speech-enabled electronic messsage displays on workplace equipment
  • Assists blind and visually impaired employees in the workplace
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Uses state-of-the-art Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software for electronic displays
  • Accommodates any language


Reliable: DigiCite uses proven hardware and software technology

Broad-based: DigiCite can be used with most electronic equipment in the workplace. DigiCite can also easily accommodate any language, including multiple languages in a single system

Take it with you: DigiCite is a light, compact system that can be easily relocated when equipment is being moved 

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