Complete Item Tracking Solutions for

Asset Tracking, Inventory Control, Check-In/Check-Out, and More


FasseTrack is fielded, Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software that provides comprehensive tracking of any number of different physical assets and other items with full bar code and RFID support. Compusult has supplied FasseTrack to many different clients for almost two decades, including the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal and State Government agencies to track everything from property book items to warehouse inventory to weapons and equipment.

More specifically, FasseTrack:

  • provides real-time tracking of an unlimited number of assets, inventory, and consumable items, as well as locations and consignees;
  • accommodates different physical workflows and procedures;
  • functions with items in multiple locations (in fact, in an unlimited number of locations);
  • allows users to easily search for items by multiple criteria;
  • generates reader-friendly reports by item, location, and other criteria, offering more than 50 pre-defined reports, as well as multiple user-defined report criteria and user-defined ad hoc reports);
  • has comprehensive work order and maintenance management functionality;
  • provides the ability to attach documents to items;
  • can optionally be hosted by Compusult or a third-party cloud service provider;
  • allows printing of hand receipts and kitting of items;
  • imposes no limits on the number of assets and inventory items, organizations, or locations.

Other key FasseTrack capabilities include:

  • support for data input through multiple sources (data entry, uploads, bar code scanners, RFID tag readers, etc.);
  • bar code and RFID technology for tracking of an unlimited number of items of various types;
  • bar code label printing on compatible printers;
  • scalability to deal with changing numbers of items;
  • a fully database-driven system compatible with Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL; and,
  • maintenance of a complete, detailed audit trail that records who made what changes and when.

Compusult continuously improves FasseTrack in response to our clients’ operational and business needs. Compusult also provides technical support services to FasseTrack and our other product customers, including clients located in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, the Caribbean, and Australia.