Asset & Item Tracking



FasseTrack is a family of powerful asset management and tracking applications that enable the electronic tracking of select fixed assets within each facility of an organization. Items are uniquely identified through the use of user-assigned asset tag numbers, which may be generated on bar code labels for subsequent scanning by portable laser terminals.

FasseTrack Applications

FasseTrack Asset Management System
FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out
FasseTrack Inventory Control System
FasseTrack Mobile
FasseTrack Freedom

Check out new RFID capabilities with FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out and FasseTrack Mobile. And don't forget to check out our FasseTrack Freedom!

A FREE trial version of FasseTrack is available. More details are available on the download section of the website.

The Fassetrack Asset Management System was developed by Compusult Limited, a leader in Data Management Systems.

Asset Tracking and Inventory Control

Compusult is a leading provider of Asset Tracking and Inventory Control software and services for corporate, education and government customers.

FasseTrackCompusult's FasseTrack, a family of integrated software packages, helps organizations overcome the challenges associated with Asset Tracking and Inventory Control for remote, mobile and desktop computers. FasseTrack provides control over diverse business assets and dynamically tracks configuration, users, locations and other critical asset information.

Years of collective staff experience and a close working relationship with customers have resulted in a comprehensive suite of cost effective Asset Tracking and Inventory Control solutions that enable organizations to more effectively manage their physical assets.

Our software and industry expertise will help your organization improve operational efficiencies and achieve substantial and measurable cost savings. More importantly, it will help your organization provide improved service to those you serve.