A Mouth Controlled USB Joystick

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Scotty Laptop

Flexible Wheelchair Tray System

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High Quality Portable ACC Solution

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Caption Display

Closed Captioning Displayed Outside of the Normal Viewing Area

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Our Assistive Technology Products

Compusult's line of highly innovative, cost effective, workplace adaptation and assistive technology solutions.

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Compusult serves the accessibility and workplace adaptation markets by providing innovative hardware and software solutions for people with special needs. We carry a complete line of Compusult designed and manufactured assistive technology and workplace adaptation products, in addition to many innovative AT solutions by other manufacturers.

  • Jouse3


    The Jouse3 is an advanced joystick-operated USB mouse that is controlled with your mouth. Moving the precision joystick moves the cursor. The further you move the joystick, the faster the cursor moves.

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  • Scotty Laptop Tray

    Scotty Laptop Tray

    The Scotty Laptop Wheelchair Tray System is a versatile collection of attachment hardware that provides an ideal platform for mounting communication devices, reading materials, or notebook computers.

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  • Outspoken Communicator Mobile System

    Outspoken Communicator Mobile System

    Compusult's Outspoken Communicator Mobile System is a high-quality portable Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution. It can be pre-installed with various AAC software such as Proloquo2Go, Predictable and Assistive Express.

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  • Learning, Literacy and Play Products

    Learning, Literacy and Play Products

    Talking, reading, singing and playing with your child is important to their development. Find out more about or selection of Learning, Literacy and Play products such as the Interactive Sensory Blanket, Animal Puppet Wash Mitts and the Portable Literacy Game. 

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  • Vindicator


    Vindicator is Compusult's line of electronic products that use optical and electrical sensors to automatically detect on/off events and provide corresponding notification to visually or hearing impaired persons. 

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  • Responder


    Responder is a machine-vision based automated monitoring system that continuously "watches" electronic equipment, such as alarm panels, and provides notification of events using speech output.

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  • Caption Display

    Caption Display

    Our Closed Caption Display Units are complete, ready-to-run remote captioning systems. A wide variety of models ensure we have a system that will address your remote captioning requirements. 

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  • TeleTalk


    TeleTalk speech enables the indicators and message displays on telephone consoles and switchboards.


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  • Digicite


    DigiCite is a compact machine-vision system that reads alphanumeric electronic displays and converts what it reads to equivalent speech output. 

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  • ScanTELL


    ScanTELL allows individuals with visual impairments to quickly and independently identify bar-coded items at work, school, and home .

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  • SpeakFAST


    SpeakFAST is a compact, unobtrusive system that captures data from the System 1000 torque wrench and converts it to equivalent speech output.

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AT Mobile Solutions AT Mobile Solutions

AT Mobile Solutions

We offer Assistive Technology solutions for mobile devices such as iPads, iPods and other accessories, giving you options for your needs! 

Check out our Mobile Apps in our Assistive Technology Products and Catalog sections for more information.

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