Jouse3 - Features and Benefits

The all new Jouse3 is based on USB technology. This provides much easier configuration and cross platform compatibility.

  • Jouse3 has been completely redesigned, with fully updated and improved hardware and electronics.Jouse3
  • Jouse3 supports Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix based computers; Android and iOS based mobile devices*, control for switch-enabled devices; and AAC systems with USB ports. 
  • Jouse3 offers high-quality and durable hardware and electronics. The mount and all required accessories are included. 
  • The USB interface makes it truly plug-and-play, and it works on all operating systems and platforms offering USB support.
  • With the Jouse3 nothing is attached to you. You don't have to wear anything to control your computer.
  • The Jouse3 has accurate tracking combined with extremely smooth operation and dwell cursor capability providing an ideal mouse replacement for drawing or any application requiring fine cursor control.
  • All features are provided directly through Jouse3 electronics. No additional software is required.
  • Jouse3 includes an advanced, adjustable, articulated 3-joint arm with a single dial lock that mounts easily to almost any desktop, wheelchair or bedframe.
  • The Jouse3 incorporates mounting options for ancillary equipment such as microphones, switches and Webcams.
  • The Jouse3 operates independently of any other pointing devices.
  • Supports for one or two external switches and includes two types of mouthpieces for sip and puff control.
  • No external power supply required, eliminating tangled wires and enhancing portability. Can sustain battery life of your device by using the auxillary power option.
  • Comes with a two-year return-to-depot warranty and free technical support. Extended warranties are available.
  • CE Certified.

The Jouse3 also has a variety of replacement parts to choose from and order.

Download the Jouse Accessories and Replacement Parts Order Form

Download the Jouse3 Order Form

Download the Jouse3 Brochure

*Devices must have built-in USB port or USB adapter. iOS devices must also support VoiceOver. 

Specifications Specifications

Jouse3 operates using the USB interface and protocols. Just plug it in, and Jouse3 will configure itself to work with your particular computer. It couldn't be easier!

System Requirements

Jouse3 supports:

  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • Linux and Unix based computers
  • Android and iOS based mobile devices
  • Control for switch-enabled devices
  •  AAC systems with USB ports

User Manuals

Download the Jouse3 User's Manual in PDF*. (This is a 1.11MB download)

Download the Jouse2 User's Manual in PDF*. (This is a 1.4MB download)

Download the original Jouse User's Manual in PDF*. (This is a 94KB download)